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Buying an Investment Property in Raleigh? Watch Out for These Red Flags

After more than 35 years in the Raleigh NC property management business, we’ve seen almost every trick in the book when it comes to disguising a property’s flaws. If you’re browsing investment properties for sale this week, here are some red flags that might indicate it isn’t as new, clean, or safe as it appears.

New Paint and Carpet; Nothing Else

When sellers put investment properties on the market, it’s standard to give them a fresh coat of paint and new carpeting. But other details like the tiles, trim, and foundation will often be left as-is. Therefore, pay attention to these areas when browsing available options, and ask if the kitchen or bathroom have been updated. If not, it’s possible that the owner doesn’t have the budget to make any other harder-to-find improvements, either.  

Cans, Bottles, and Noise  

It’s always a smart idea to tour the neighborhood in which the investment property is located after hours. Listen and look for dogs barking, road noise, loud neighbors, beer cans, and trash. Note the location of the nearest college–if the property is near a lot of rambunctious students, it might be one to avoid (although your property will always be in high demand). You might also call the police department and ask how many reports have been recently filed in the neighborhood.

Excessive Caulk

It’s not always possible to tour investment properties when it’s raining outside, but if you can, it will allow you to see any water issues in the foundation. If you tour the property on a dry day, look for multiple, thick layers of caulk around windows and other points of entry, indicating that there might be a leakage problem.

Overwhelming Air Fresheners

If you walk into the property and are immediately hit by the scent of air fresheners, it might be covering up smells like animal urine, smoke, or mold. Most real estate agents light a candle or bake cookies to make a property more inviting, so a little bit of scent is to be expected, but if it seems that an entire can has been emptied, be wary.

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