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7 Winter Preventative Maintenance Tips From Our Raleigh NC Property Manager

Our Raleigh NC property managers have been in the business of taking care of homes for a long time, and with winter coming, they have a few simple tips that can keep units snug and dry. Just a few hours of preventative work while the weather is still warm can help avoid major headaches in the colder months.

1. Clean Gutters and Window Wells

This is one of the simplest maintenance tricks, and one of the most effective. Whether tackling this chore yourself or reaching out to your local Raleigh property management team, it is an important step for winter readiness. A dirty gutter and window wells will hold ice and snow, block drainage, and cause overflow. This can cause long term damage and even encourage mold growth. A simple cleanup avoids all these problems.

2. Sump Pump Maintenance

Another area where prevention will lead to savings is sump pump maintenance. Raleigh NC property managers can help to locate the exit pipe and clear it of debris. The pipe should also be far enough from the home to not direct water right back into the building’s foundation, which can cause mold or decay. It’s also important to test the pump itself by pouring water into the pump pit and seeing if the pump turns on – and then off – appropriately.

3. Electrical System Maintenance

Winter often puts added strain on electrical systems. The longer nights and shorter days mean lights are on for far longer than summer. Many heating systems also add to the load. Our Raleigh property management team recommends that homeowners and tenants alike take a quick look at their main electrical panel – or calls the management team to do so – to check for sparks, frayed insulation, or other obvious signs of wear and tear. A multi-meter tool is also helpful in testing that outlets are all in working order.

4. Bleed Radiators

This is a simple procedure worth doing at least once per year. After running the radiators at max temp for just a few minutes, turn the boiler back off and start bleeding radiators one by one. As air is being released, use a bucket or tray underneath to catch any stray water. Once each radiator has been bled, check the air pressure in the boiler itself. It’s as simple as that!

5. Examine Doors and Windows

Poorly fitting doors and windows let out an enormous amount of heat. Doing a quick check of each opening for leaks, gaps, and other defects allows you to schedule any fixes prior to the arrival of cold weather, saving both money and future discomfort.

6. Weatherproof Pipes

The extreme cold can cause pipes to freeze, and then to sometimes burst upon thawing. This is an expensive problem that simple maintenance can avoid. Rather than wait for an expensive break, check pipes in fall for any signs of cracking or wear. A plumber can be called in for a non-emergency fix if needed, but even if no obvious damage is observed insulating tape can be wrapped around outdoor pipes for extra protection against the elements.

7. Chimney and Fireplace Inspections & Sweep

Whether you have a gas fireplace or a wood burning fireplace, you should have your fireplace and chimney inspected on an annual basis and cleaned as well, especially if you burn a lot. Keeping a clean chimney reduces the need for a Raleigh chimney repair company to need to fix any issues. You can stay ahead of any concerns which may arise when you haven’t had the system checked regularly.

Simple and quick maintenance is the key to avoiding time-consuming and expensive repairs. Though many of these fixes can be done by a handy person, the simpler solution for anyone with a demanding schedule is to simply search for property management near me and let professionals take the lead.

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