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6 Key Traits of Being a Great Property Manager in Raleigh

We find many people are investing in the real estate sector today, especially in thriving markets like the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina. It is a lucrative industry that can have high returns. Just like any other investment needing full attention by professionals who are dedicated to your best interests, real estate requires proper management. Therefore, property owners should always consider the services of rental property managers. These professionals help manage your building or home(s) and rent them out to reliable tenants through a thorough application process like Barker Realty provides.

Getting involved with tenants daily is not an easy task. It requires an experienced manager from a licensed property management company. Our property management services involve the following duties:

  • Collecting rents
  • Handling issues that affect tenants
  • Ensuring that the property is tidy and well-maintained
  • Making sure that the landlord’s property is structurally secure
  • Taking appropriate actions against tenants who fail to pay rent on time

Therefore, if you want to be relieved from these tasks in order to focus on growing your portfolio further, we recommend hiring a property management company who possess the following traits:

1. Communication Skills



Property management requires excellent communication skills between tenants and property owners or the management staff. Tenants and property owners should be able to reach the manager for non-emergency and emergency issues all the same. Therefore, both written and verbal communication skills are required to maintain a professional demeanor in handling any difficult situation or perhaps simple notifications throughout the management term.

2. People-Oriented

Based on our decades of experience, Barker Realty has learned that people-oriented managers interact with tenants more efficiently. Any property management service provider needs to place quality and competent tenants into residences.

3. Trustworthy and Ethical

An excellent management company is transparent and honest. The property management profession requires trustworthiness, responsiveness, and full disclosure for the owners in how the tenants are being treated and processes are being followed. At Barker Realty, this is what we stand for — to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

4. Knowledgeable and Experienced

Property managers should be able to interpret financial reports quickly and be able to decipher between a reliable tenant compared to one who may not be the right fit. Additionally, all property managers should be conversant with the latest real estate regulations and property ownership laws. It is recommended to take the appropriate time to perform due diligence and interviews with your prospective managers to also make sure they are a fit for you and your investment portfolio.

5. Marketing Skills

At Barker Realty, we know that marketing of our client’s properties is crucial to the success of the relationship. Your property managers should be good at marketing, including social media advertising and being able to show up online when people are searching for a new place to rent. They should work with local employers and institutions, including universities and hospitals, to provide housing for students and employees and also those relocating to a bustling area like the Raleigh-Triangle.

6. Organized

An organized manager pays keen attention to details and they DO sweat the small stuff to ensure your property is managed properly. Being able to enhance proper maintenance of your property throughout the year, keep paperwork readily available, and check in with tenants are tasks which help your property thrive.

If you own property or are looking to invest in property in the Raleigh area, consider the above in your search for a reputable local property management company like Barker Realty. It’s important to get a knowledgeable and success-oriented team on your side.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests,

but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4