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Top 4 Reasons You’re Smart To Hire a Property Manager in Cary

Some real estate investors, particularly new ones, see hiring property managers or a property management company as an unnecessary expense. But, they can actually be a huge benefit to your income.

Here are four important reasons to hire a property management company to oversee your rental property:

1. Set the Best Rent for Your Property

You could spend hours, days, or even weeks scrolling rental listings to try and find comparable properties and the rent they’re getting. But a local real estate management company will have a good handle on the local market and be able to tell you how much to charge to ensure that you not only get quality tenants and low turnover but also get the most income out of your property. Plus, property management companies have access to professional sources such as MLS (multiple listing service).

2. Market, Advertise and Show Your Property

Managing your property alone you can spend hours every week crafting ads, fielding phone calls, text messages and emails about the property, and showing the home to prospective tenants. Unless the rental property is your full-time job, this takes time away from your family, work, and downtime. Property managers do this every day. They have the experience and knowledge to quickly create ads, and it is their full-time job to answer prospective tenant questions and show the home. This frees up your time, and also provides more flexibility to the prospective tenant, as they don’t have to work around your schedule.

3. Manage Vendor Relationships

Plumbers, electricians, appliance repair technicians – at some point, they’re all going to need to come to your rental property to repair or replace something, whether it’s through tenant damage or simple wear and tear. As a real estate investor, you’ll always get the same rate that any other private party would get. A property manager, however, may get a discount because they manage so many properties and can give an extensive amount of work to the vendor. You’ll save money and get high-quality repairs through vetted vendors.

4. Ensure Compliance with Housing Regulations and Property Laws

As a real estate investor, you likely did your research before you started. But the regulations and laws can be exhausting, confusing, constantly changing and hard to read. A property management company will be thoroughly familiar with all the regulations and laws, and they will ensure that you comply with them all.

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