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How to handle heat and air at properties with heat pumps?


  • A heat pump is a dual system for providing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.
  • The air that comes out of your vents should be only a few degrees different from the interior temperature of your house. Therefore, it is best if the desired temperature is not fluctuated more than 1-2 degrees at a time.
  • We highly recommend that you set the desired temperature and then do not adjust the thermostat. The system will use less electricity maintaining a temperature while you are away then it will when it is trying to increase/decrease the temperature more than 2 degrees.
  • We suggest not turning the system off during the hottest part of the summer or coldest part of the winter. If you go out of town, it would be better to set the temperature to an affordable level. When you return to the house, only increase/decrease the temperature 1-2 degrees at a time.
  • When outside temperatures are below 32 degrees this system is not as effective. You may need to switch your thermostat to auxiliary (emergency) heat when temperatures are below 32 degrees.

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