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New Resident Move-In Inspection Form

Welcome to your new home! Before you get too far into bringing in furniture and putting away dishes we ask that you take just a couple of minutes to document the condition of your home. We are asking that you document the following items for your records, and ours. This will include an inspection report and pictures to document any issues, damages, knicks, scratches, etc. in your home. This can affect your security deposit so please take the time to be thorough.

1) Document Mechanical Repair Needs Below
Mechanical repairs may include appliances and major household systems like heating and cooling, plumbing (leaks, slow drains or clogs), or electrical (outlets, switches, lighting).

Some examples of mechanical issues include:

  • Burner on stove not working
  • Faucet Dripping
  • Toilet not flushing properly
2) Document Cosmetic Issues Below
The purpose of this is to protect your security deposit. At your move-out we will use this documentation to fairly process your security deposit itemization. Please note that these items may not be corrected.

Examples of cosmetic issues may include:

  • Counter top damage (scratches, chips)
  • Floor Damage (stains, tears)

    In the sections below, please describe in detail any Mechanical or Cosmetic issues found. Once you have submitted your inspection form, you may upload photos of any issues you want to document on the next page.

    First & Last Name

    Phone Number

    Email Address

    Property Address

    How many bedrooms does your home have?

    How many bathrooms does your home have?

    Entry Way

    Living Room

    Dining Room


    Bedroom 1

    Bedroom 2

    Bedroom 3 (if applicable)

    Bedroom 4 (if applicable)

    Bathroom 1

    Bathroom 2 (if applicable)


    Exterior/Front & Back Yard

    Any Other Areas We Should Know About

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