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Top Tips When Screening Potential Tenants for Your Raleigh Investment Property

Even though you’re excited to rent out a freshly renovated apartment building or single-family residence, don’t let your enthusiasm cloud your vision. Even though you undoubtedly want to rent to the first bidders, it’s important to find the right people who will bolster positive tenant relations (and treat your property with respect!) Here are some real estate screening tips that will help you find quality tenants.

Always request an application

Having a potential tenant fill out an application lets them know that they will be thoroughly screened. Many prospective renters with troubled rental histories will bow out gracefully upon seeing your intent to investigate their past. An ideal candidate will have no issue with both credit and background checks.

Run a credit check

In some cases, consumers have figured out the credit reporting system and know that activity is reported every 30 days. They could be using this time to apply for residence because they know that their credibility will drop soon. The best way to gain insight into a potential renter’s payment habits is to review their credit activity over the past seven years. Even if a prospective tenant has a strong credit score, they may still have missed payments or a significant income-to-debt ratio.

Run a background check

It is important to run both a background check and criminal records check on every prospective tenant. An applicant who has made a mistake or two in the past may have just fallen on hard times, but someone who is consistent with his offenses may be bad news for your property.

Need property management in Raleigh? Call Barker Realty

Finding and managing tenants isn’t easy. Signing a bad tenant can easily cost a real estate investor thousands of dollars if the deal goes south, or damage existing tenant relations at the very least. Hiring a Raleigh property management company like Barker Realty is an excellent way to save time and reduce frustration with the whole process. For just a small monthly fee, we can quickly find and screen tenants and protect your investment property. If you have more questions or have more property management questions, just give us a call!

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