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Owner Services

What does it really take?

The Steps to Rent Your Property
From Start to Finish

Research the
rental market.

property for

Market your property
on the internet, with
yard signs, etc.

Process applications
including background,
credit, & criminal checks.

Take the time to
show your property
to prospects.

Respond to the inquiries you get from posting
your property.

approve an
application that
meets all requirements.

prepare lease and have
approved applicant
sign the legal document.

Prepare property for move-in, provide
new tenants with keys,
and ensure utilities are transferred.

As a rental property owner you are still responsible for the following:

Routine Maintenance

Lease Renewals

Tenant Calls



management Services

Barker’s goal is to Promote, Protect, and Position your property for success. We understand how to advertise your property in order to attract new tenants.

The Barker Advantage


Our high-reach advertising attracts prospective renters. We average 65 new property inquires per day. With over 30 years in business, Barker is a recognized name in the industry. We understand how to advertise your property in order to attract prospective tenants.


Our high standards can be seen in our use of consistent and stringent qualifying criteria to screen applicants. Our lease is strong and enforceable to ensure your property is protected in any situation. We also provide preventative maintenance options to keep your property fresh and up-to-date. Quality residents, a watchful eye, and necessary repairs will help your property succeed in the long run.


Our high view of property management means that we are in the business for the long term. We work to minimize your expenses and maximize the value of your investment.


As the name suggests we can manage it all for you. Full-Service management means we handle every aspect of getting your property on the market, securing a tenant, collecting rents, and managing maintenance issues.

Lease-up Only

Interested in managing your own rental, but need help with finding a quality tenant? Let Barker secure a tenant for your home! We will advertise your property, locate and screen applicants, and then use our time-tested rental contract to secure a lease. Once a tenant signs the lease, we will let you handle the rest.

Tenant retention

We believe tenants are a valuable asset. Our goal is to find good, quality renters and keep them. We work with homeowners to see the value of tenants remaining for the long-term.

maintenance services

We can assist in managing any emergency, repair, or preventative maintenance need for your property. We work closely with Barker Property Maintenance Company on many of these items; however, we are glad to work with your own vendors as well as long as they are properly licensed and insured to our standards.

Barker Realty, Inc. begins marketing a property as soon as a vacancy notification is received from a tenant, or a new property is brought under management. We will advertise on behalf of the owner to promote the property and secure tenants in the following ways:

Online Marketing

Within minutes of posting a property for rent online, we have eyes viewing and fingers clicking on their potential new homes. The flood of response can be overwhelming if not anticipated. Technology is the best tool to use to meet these inquiries. We have been able to successfully create systems to respond to inquiries quickly and effectively.

Barker Yard Signs

Our yard signs generate thousands of calls and inquiries per year. We place the signs as soon as the property goes on the market to start the phone calls flowing! Signs from other properties we manage can also cause prospects to find your property.

Barker Website

Current and up-to-date information can be found here. Whether this is a prospect’s first stop or they are redirected here, visitors can access property information, qualifications, and began their application process.

Showing Properties

We have multiple methods to allow prospective tenants to view your property. Our first choice is to show it directly through Barker’s personal showing agent. In addition, to our showing agent, we post properties in the Triangle MLS and allow licensed Realtors to show properties to their clients. We also allow key check-outs to some of our vacant properties.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests,

but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4