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Why Work With Us

The Barker Marketing Advantage

Barker Realty,Inc. begins marketing a property as soon as a vacancy notification is received from a tenant, or a new property is brought under management. We will advertise on behalf of the owner to promote the property and secure tenants in the following ways:

Comparitive Management Fees

Our Fees

Amount Description
Initial Set Up Fee $250 Due at execution of management agreement
Monthy Management Fee 8% Of gross rents received, paid monthly from rent proceeds
New Tenant Lease-Up Fee 50% Of one full month's rents (minimum $500), due at time of move-in
Lease Renewal Fee $199 Due first day of lease renewal term
Pre-Move-In Condition Report $120 Due upon receipt of report
Move-Out Condition Report $120 Due upon receipt of report

Let Us Manage Your Investment Property

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests,

but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4