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How to Mitigate Risk in Your Raleigh Investment Property, Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed some potential risks that come with investing in Raleigh property, and how aspiring landlords can mitigate them. Below are even more tips on how to have a successful and profitable property investment experience.

Risk: You purchase investment property, but your tenants are constantly leaving.

Solution: Build strong relationships with your tenants.

The best way to gain uninterrupted revenue is keeping your tenants happy. This can often be accomplished simply by keeping the property clean and well-maintained. If a tenant submits a maintenance request, make sure it is taken care of right away. If there is an issue with trash, pests, animal waste, or something else, make sure that it is addressed.

You can also build positive relationships with your tenants. Send out holiday or birthday cards, hold community-building events, and try to be on a first-name basis with them. While these little touches take extra time, they are not a waste—they can be the difference between a rental property that is full and one that is empty. If you don’t have time to build relationships with your tenants (and manage the property and maintenance), a property management company can do it for you.

Risk: You invest in property in a good neighborhood, but struggle to attract tenants.

Solution: Stay on top of updates. 

This goes back to what we said above: keep your property clean, pleasant, and well-maintained, and you’re more likely to both attract new tenants and keep them. Make sure you conduct a thorough home inspection between each tenant, and proactively repair any issues you notice. You can also add new amenities, replace outdated appliances, replace laminate floors with hardwood, and make other minor, yet important changes that will make your property more attractive. If you’ve done all you can to make the property clean, aesthetically pleasing, and in good repair, then your next step is launching a marketing or advertising campaign, which a property management company can also help you with.

Risk: You invest in a good property in a nice area, and keep it maintained, but for some reason, demand suddenly drops off.

Solution: Hedge your bets. 

If you want to make sure that you earn a profit, and it’s within your financial power to do so, consider investing in multiple properties at once, in different areas. That way, if the housing market takes an unexpected dip, you will have another property which can continue generating revenue. The real estate market is constantly fluctuating up and down, so having a few eggs in different baskets isn’t a bad idea. If you aren’t sure which property you should purchase, again, a property management service can help guide your decision.

The Bottom Line: Nothing Is Risk-Free

If reading about all these potential risks is making you nervous, remember that all investments—whether business, stocks, or real estate—come with risk. As long as you do your research, put in the time, and consult someone with industry experience, you should be able to make a good profit off of your property—especially in Raleigh, which is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.!

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