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Make Sure Your Rentals Are Summer Ready with These Easy Tips

When preparing rental properties for the summer, there’s a lot that needs to be done in terms of maintenance on the inside and outside of the property. Property managers in Cary should use this time to give their property a pre-summer makeover that will make the rental more attractive to anyone hoping to move in.

Summer-Ready Maintenance Tips
There’s no other season quite like summer that inspires families and friends to spend a lot of time outdoors. By taking care of their property and making it look its best, property managers will instantly boost the rental’s property value, while making renters feel at home. Read on for ways to make any rental summer-ready.

1. Get the Pool Ready

The pool is one of the most important amenities property managers must take care of before the summer arrives. Start by evaluating the condition of the pool and performing any necessary maintenance. Following any remodeling, managers should make sure the pool is clean and ready to use. Ensure the area around the pool is as safe as possible by either having a lifeguard available or signs posted.

2. Check the BBQ Grills

As the colder weather gives way to the warmer months of summer, property managers will want to make sure all of the grills are still in proper working condition. By keeping the propane filled and the grill clean, managers will ensure that renters can enjoy their summertime properly.

3. Keep a Maintenance Checklist Handy

Summer requires a different type of rental maintenance for property managers in Cary. Property managers should keep this in mind as they go over their regular maintenance checklist. This list will include maintaining the irrigation system, updating the A/C units, cleaning the community area, and any similar responsibilities.

4. Remove Fire Hazards

The heat of summer always comes with increased fire dangers. Property managers must take this into account by fire-safety apart of their summer rental maintenance. This can be achieved by removing any overhanging branches, flammable debris, or overgrown bushes.

Property managers can make their renters feel at ease and relaxed as summer approaches by performing their rental maintenance for the summer. Contact us for more information to help get your rental ready for the warmer months.

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