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3 Quick Tips for Ensuring a Healthy Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants

Educating Tenants at Move-In to Avoid Unnecessary Work Orders

Real estate is a significant investment that can potentially yield high profits. As a property owner, you need to educate yourself with the necessary information about your rental property, the housing market and the region in which you have your rental(s) in order to build a better, more healthy relationship with your tenants. Building these relationships gains their trust and your credibility to ultimately reduce and avoid unnecessary work orders.

The best way of educating a tenant and maintaining them for longer periods of time is by hiring the services of a local real estate management company, like Barker Realty, who have experienced rental property managers on staff with years of experience.

Companies like Barker Realty should be in a position to handle any tenant need and make sure that your investment property is kept up efficiently and in your best interests.

Let us share some basic tips in dealing with tenants to ensure a healthy, balanced relationship:

1. Provide Utility & Home Service Information

As a rental property manager, tenants should be provided information about important local service providers, such as utility companies, phone, TV, internet and city/town contacts before they move in. Providing these details to your tenants shows value and benefits in proving you care about their smooth transition. Your tenants should have enough time to make the calls to get tech’s scheduled and services activated at their new home (your rental).

2. Provide Parking Information 

Parking can be a pain anywhere, but it shouldn’t be at your tenant’s new home. Some tenants may have cars and others not, but those who do should know where they can and cannot park and if there are restrictions on time of day or night as well. Allowing your tenants time to check out the area to find parking or use a lot or a driveway is key and will also cut down on possible neighbor or neighborhood complaints.

As a property management company, our team at Barker Realty knows to ask tenants how many cars they have as well to help identify a potential issue before it arises or give the green light that everything will be fine.

3. Provide Important Details About Payments, Maintenance Requests, and Any Deadlines

When it comes to rental payments, many landlords face challenges from tenants who may be late or delinquent or provide false excuses on why they can’t pay on time. Same applies to maintenance requests or needs from tenants over the days, weeks, months, years. Property owners don’t want to be hassled with this each month, so that is where hiring a property management company becomes of great value.

Your rental management provider, like Barker Realty, will be able to give clear guidelines to your tenants regarding the date of payment, and consequences of delaying the payment. Also, in case of property damages by a tenant, tenants need to understand they are liable. Alternatively, if an issue arises with the property that is not caused by the tenant, then you the landlord are responsible to fix in a timely manner to uphold your end of the lease agreement. Tenants have rights too, and abiding by these situations to help each other out makes for a long lasting relationship.

Supplying your tenants with the above three pieces of quick, useful and helpful information may reduce unnecessary work orders and tension between you and those occupying your rental property.

Contact our Raleigh property management company today to speak with us about your rental management needs or to discuss any of our services. It’s our goal to provide each and every one of our clients the best service!

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests,

but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4