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A Property Manager’s Labor Day Action Plan

The Labor Day weekend offers many people one last opportunity to celebrate summer fun. Before the resumption of daily school schedules and the need to prepare for colder, blustery autumn weather, numerous households participate in friendly barbecues, large family gatherings, and pool side parties. Property managers in Cary, Apex, Raleigh and surrounding areas concerned about rental maintenance, may find this quick holiday checklist useful:

1. Prepare Recreational Facility Entrances in Advance

Do you anticipate a raucous end to summer rental maintenance with the arrival of numerous Labor Day guests? It makes sense to prepare for holiday celebrations at apartment complexes and trailer parks well in advance. Post property rules clearly at the entrance. If tenants can only admit a specific number of visitors, let everyone know in advance property managers expects to enforce those rules!

2. Supervise Pool Area Activities

Similarly, property managers in Cary need to ensure pool side area regulations also command a prominent, visible location. If your property requires everyone to adhere to basic safety guidelines (e.g. no running or rough horseplay beside the pool), post these rules clearly. Let tenants know about your overriding concern for safety. You’ll make your summer rental maintenance obligations much easier by ensuring everyone enjoys a happy, accident-free Labor Day Holiday.

3. Maintain a Clean Picnic Area

If tenants and their friends plan outdoor reunions at your site, make sure you mow the grounds surrounding the grill and picnic area before the holiday commences. Also ensure you’ve placed public trash cans for litter collection close at hand. Arrange to check the area from time to time if necessary to prevent overflowing garbage receptacles.

4. Respect “Quiet Hours”

Finally, let tenants know in advance you enforce facility rules relating to quiet hours. Other residents deserve consideration from noisy neighbors. The burden of enforcing these rules ultimately rests with you! By limiting noise levels after dark you’ll enjoy easier rental maintenance.

We hope you enjoyed our quick Labor Day tips for a peaceful and uneventful holiday for your investment properties or those you may manage.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests,

but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4