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Our Raleigh Property Manager Lists The Top 10 Industries in Raleigh NC, Part 2

By anyone’s estimate, Raleigh is thriving. Our real estate and housing markets are experiencing a huge boon; our universities are growing and expanding; and increasing job opportunities are drawing young professionals from all over the country. We were curious to know what those jobs are, exactly—so we studied at the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s 2018 report (at the time of this writing, the 2019 report has not yet been released) to study the top occupations of Raleigh residents. Read on to learn more about Raleigh’s diverse career landscape!

Healthcare and Medical Occupations – 47,530 Employees

Raleigh is well-known for its prestigious hospitals and abundant medical research facilities. Patients travel to Raleigh from all over the country to take advantage of services offered by the Duke Raleigh Hospital, UNC REX Hospital, and WakeMed Hospitals. If you work in the healthcare field, you will find that Raleigh is rich in opportunities. (Note: The Bureau of Labor Statistics divides healthcare into two sectors: The Healthcare and Medical sector, and Healthcare Support (such as nurses, aides, and therapy assistants). For this list, we combined the sectors into one umbrella field with a total of 47,530 employees.)

Food Preparation – 59,650 Employees

Like any city, Raleigh has a thriving restaurant scene. Our diverse population has given rise to a diverse array of cuisines, including Indian, Thai, Korean, Mexican, Irish, Italian, Japanese, and Ethiopian—and the list goes on and on! If you’re a foodie who loves to sample new things, you’ll never find yourself without options in Raleigh. And if you’re a restauranteur dreaming of expanding, you’ll find a rich and hungry clientele. 

Business and Financial Operations – 59,650 Employees

As we said in the introduction, business is booming in Raleigh. And that means that anyone who has to do with money—Adjustors and appraisers; accountants and auditors; analysts and real estate assessors; financial advisors—will find plenty of open seats here. Raleigh’s financial market is going strong, which is why no time has been better to invest in property.

Sales – 74,590 Employees

So far, the list has included management and financial occupations. Another key component of business? Sales. The #2 occupation in Raleigh is sales work, a sector encompassing retail workers and supervisors; real estate agents and sales brokers; and even telemarketers and models. Our population of young professionals starting out has a lot of demand for household products, appliances, and furniture, and many wealthier demographics retire here and can spend their leisure hours shopping. If you’re considering an investment property in Raleigh, you’ll find tenants with either plenty to spend, and lots of time to spend it; or busy young people with a lot of needs to fill.

Office and Administrative Support – 91,370 Employees

And what is the #1 most common job in Raleigh? The humble office assistant. Yes, of about 630,000 occupations surveyed, a whopping 91,370 perform administrative or customer service work that makes the rest of our lives easier.

The sector is likely so large because it’s so diverse: it consists of administrative support workers; bookkeeping and payroll clerks; bank tellers; customer service representatives; hotel desk associates; ticket agents; police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers; meter readers; postal clerks and mail sorters; legal secretaries, executive assistants, proofreaders…and many more! Surprising as it may seem, most of Raleigh’s employees are quietly in the background, making almost every industry run smoothly. 

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