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Attract Quality Tenants to Your Raleigh Property With These Affordable Updates

If you own an investment property in Raleigh NC (or anywhere else, for that matter), you’ve doubtlessly thought of countless luxury amenities you’d like to add—big-ticket items like swimming pools, new kitchen appliances, or new paint. However, what with all the other costs involved in Raleigh property management, these big additions might be out of the question.

However, there are many small, relatively affordable ways you can upgrade your property to increase its value and attract more long-term, high-quality renters. Below are 6 low-cost upgrades that can give your Raleigh rental property an extra boost.

Add Unique Cabinet Handles  

Swapping standard, plain cabinet handles for something exciting and different is a great way to make potential tenants look twice when touring your investment property. Instead of going for traditional plain metal handles, try adding fixtures that have a pop of color, or a unique, modern design. You might also consider adding unique grate covers or more interesting door knobs.

Genuine Tile Floors and Backsplash

Most property owners choose adhesive tile laminate to cover their kitchen and bathroom floors. Although these are easier to replace, they’re a safe, “cheap”-feeling choice that tenants have come to expect. Installing genuine tiles with real grout gives your rental property that extra “oomph” that sets it apart from the rest. As an added bonus, you could even add a genuine tile backsplash behind the stove.

Popcorn Ceilings and Crown Molding

Popcorn ceilings are the default ceiling type for low-cost investment properties, and as such, many tenants find them distasteful or indicative that the property is “old.” Convert your popcorn ceiling to a smooth, flat ceiling, and you’ll be sure to attract quality tenants that last. You could even go one step further and add crown molding to the kitchen or other areas. These two simple upgrades add a lot of elegance to your property. 

High-quality Faucets and Shower Heads

Modern tenants have come to expect plain or old faucet and shower heads, so why not surprise them with attractive, modern upgrades? Try going the extra mile with a unique design or touch-free feature. Adding “rain” showerheads can be a big selling point for some renters, especially those in the older demographic.

High-Quality Apartments Equal High-Quality Tenants!

Although none of these upgrades are exactly “cheap”, they all have the same thing in common: they improve the quality of living for your tenants. Although workout rooms and tennis courts are nice amenities, tenants spend most of their time in their living space, and it is therefore that space which is the deciding factor when a prospect is choosing a property. By upgrading these seemingly-minor details, you can greatly increase your space’s value and attract mature, well-behaved, quality tenants who last.

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