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Halloween Safety Tips for Landlords and Raleigh Investment Property Owners

Before the sugar high hits and the creepers come a-crawlin’, there are few steps Raleigh property managers should take in order to give their residents the safest, happiest Halloween possible. Below are a few Halloween safety tips for landlords and rental property owners!

Invest in Good Lighting

We have mentioned a few times before how important it is to invest in bright, high-quality for your investment property. Good lighting will help residents stay safe on pathways, steps, and entrances, and provide a feeling of security while they are journeying to their car, the mailbox, the pool, or the trash area. If you haven’t already set up good lighting, now’s the time to do it!

Clear Common Areas

Halloween night will no doubt see a lot of excited, sugar-crazed children in bulky costumes returning from trick-or-treating fun. Before the night arrives, do a quick safety scan for debris, trash, fallen branches, holes, and any other tripping hazards. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Advise Tenants to Keep Pets Inside

Even the most well-behaved pet can become anxious amid all the chaos and hubbub of Halloween night. Combine that with a lot of strangers in scary costumes–which your pet probably doesn’t consider a costume–and you have a recipe for disaster. Advise your tenants to keep all pets inside on the 31st to protect trick-or-treating children and other residents. In addition, remind your tenants that cats, especially black cats, can become targets of unscrupulous neighborhood hooligans on Halloween night, and should therefore be kept safely indoors.

Distribute Fire Safety Reminders

Finally, take into consideration the plentiful candle-lit decorations and Jack-O’-Lanterns that will likely be scattered throughout your rental property on Halloween, and decide what you would like to do about these sources of open flame. You might want to impose a ban on open-flame decorations altogether, requiring electric tea lights instead. Or, you could just take this opportunity to remind residents about proper fire procedures. Regardless of your open flame policy, have your property management team verify that all smoke alarms are in working order before the festivities occur.

Investing in rental property doesn’t have to be scary with Barker Realty!  

Sending out tenant reminders; cleaning up your property; replacing burned-out bulbs; checking smoke alarms: all of these things take time. If you’d rather spend that time on other commitments, call our Raleigh NC property management company. Our experienced property managers can help you secure the right Raleigh investment property, and then keep it running like clockwork. That way you can insure that your investment has no tricks, and all treats!

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