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Attract Quality Tenants to Your Raleigh Investment Property with These Unique Amenities

If you’re a Raleigh rental property owner, amenities are a must if you want to attract quality tenants. And in a competitive market, going above and beyond the usual pool, fitness center, and laundry room will set your rental property apart from the rest. Below are a few unique amenity ideas to consider adding to your apartment building, condominium, or single-family home in Raleigh. 

Pet-Friendly Additions 

With more and more millennials choosing pets over kids, pet-friendly amenities are a must if you want to attract young professionals to your property. Popular amenities for pet owners include doggie waste bag dispensers, doggie playgrounds, and walking trails. If you’ve got a big budget to work with, you can go one further by adding complimentary dog walking, grooming, and day-care services on-site. 

Playrooms for Kids 

Of course, it’s important to also cater to those who do have kids. Instead of just having an outdoor play area—a great draw on its own—you can up the ante by offering an indoor playroom, too. Playrooms that are adjacent to, and visible from, the fitness center are a great way to let parents work out while keeping an eye on things, and it will provide a place for kids to burn off their extra energy that isn’t over your other tenants’ heads. 

Community Garden

A community garden is a great way to bring residents together to grow sustainable, zero-packaging food at home. Condominium and apartment residents especially will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors despite lacking a backyard. You can make your investment property even more eco-friendly by setting up compost bins, rainwater collectors, and solar-powered lighting. Let young, eco-savvy renters know that your property is different from the rest!  

Tech Centers 

Facility-wide internet access is an absolute must in modern housing communities. But don’t just stop there—consider providing a quiet space where residents can work remotely when the need arises. A shared printer, coffee pot, multi-port USB charger, and a nice plant can help create a peaceful, useful workplace. You might even consider stocking basic office supplies such as staplers, though they may be at risk of theft. 

Prayer/Meditation Room

Many modern properties are adding interfaith “quiet rooms” to their properties, where people of all belief systems can reflect, pray, meditate, or practice calming techniques. You might include a small library of books; comfortable chairs; devotional literature; prayer rugs; or even yoga mats. Amenities like this are a great way to catch renters’ attention which show that you are devoted to their health and well-being. 

Need a Property Management Company in Raleigh? 

If you’re considering purchasing rental property in Raleigh, an experienced property management company can help! Our experienced property managers can help you choose a smart investment that will appreciate, and then help you manage tenant relationships, property maintenance, and more. If you’re ready to become a Raleigh landlord, call Barker Realty today. 

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