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Our Raleigh Property Investors Share 4 Top Ways to Fund Your Real Estate Investment

Here is the thing. When you decide to buy property, be ready to spend significantly. Further, if you, a Raleigh property investor, have ready cash, you can get the property and cash flow right away. Only that, very few investors can afford such huge sums of money at short notice. Then, if you’ve identified a prime property and are constrained by cash, here are 4 top ways to solve this challenge.

1. Get a Homeowner’s Mortgage

Mention property financing and the traditional mortgage option comes to mind. Well, guess what? It is still as effective today as it was during the Great Depression. It is a go-to for most homebuyers since it spreads the repayments up to 30 years.

Homeowners can maintain large debt through affordable monthly repayments. Still, as local property investors, we advise opting for a mortgage with the shortest repayment period that you can manage. That way, you will be mortgage-free sooner and venture into bigger investments. Other benefits include:

  • A lower down payment
  • Lower interest rates for persons with good credit rating
  • Access to special rates and benefits from the local banks

2. Hard Money Loan

A property investor in Raleigh NC, may use their existing real property to secure their next home purchase. The hard money loan attracts high costs and an LTV ratio. In turn, this strategy comes as a last resort or as a short-term bridge loan.

3. Government Loans

Are you a Raleigh property investor seeking financing for your first home? Consider the government-backed VA or FHA loans. These are homeowner financing subsidized by the government. The Federal Direct Loans protect the lenders from default. Here are their attributes:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Up to 3.5% down payment; VA loans have zero down payments
  • Gifts and concessions permissible to cater for the closing costs
  • More refinancing options
  • VA loans have no monthly insurance premiums

These loans are still applicable to your subsequent owner-occupied properties.

4. Private Lending

Apart from the mentioned strategies, local property investors still rely on their family members and friends for private loans. Here, there are flexible loan terms and interest rates. Plus, the borrowers build trust by repaying on time.

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