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Our Raleigh Property Management Company Talks About Subletting

What Is a Sublease?

A sublease is an agreement that is made between the tenant and a third party. The original tenant will become the landlord to the person who is subleasing the home or apartment. Every local property manager needs to know if their tenants are subleasing.

There are many problems that a Raleigh property management company can have if someone is subleasing the apartment. For example, you can end up with an unapproved person living on your property. You may also have a tenant who decides to leave unannounced and not pay the rent.

Why a Tenant May Decide to Sublease

Many tenants decide to sublease if they are going to be away from their home for an extended period of time. Others have to move out of their home before the lease is up. Subleasing may be a good option because it allows the tenant to continue their obligations while they are away.

Risks of Subletting

Every local property manager needs to be aware of the fact that subleasing has its risks. Property managers spend a lot of time making sure that they properly screen people. However, if the original tenant is not living in the home, then you may not know who is living on your property. You may also have a big mess if the person who is subleasing decides to move out.

Benefits of Subletting

Property management services can sometimes benefit from subletting. It helps rent payments continue, and the property stays occupied. Property managers can also save time and money.

Should a Landlord Allow Subletting?

Most places allow subletting. It is a good idea to check the laws in your area to make sure that it is legal for you to do this. You should make sure that your lease has a subleasing clause.

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