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Winter Weather Tips: 4 Ways to be Prepared This Season

Many homes sustain extensive damage during the harsh winter months. Your Raleigh rental property, however, doesn’t have to be one of them. Prepare for the worst and avoid costly repairs with the following winter real estate maintenance tips.

Clean out the gutters

Leaves and debris can block water and allow it to pool. Then, when the cold hits, it freezes, causing your gutters to warp and crack. Therefore, be sure to clean your gutters one last time before winter comes. You may also want to disconnect and drain your garden hoses after doing so

Take time to insulate

An important aspect of winter property maintenance is insulating and sealing your home so that heat can’t escape. Be sure to caulk any holes in your walls; apply weather stripping to your doors and windows; and seal any seams. Make sure that you fully insulate your attic or basement as well.

Inspect and fix the roof

A key component of your real estate maintenance schedule should be roof inspection and repairs. You don’t want to discover a leaky roof in the middle of a heavy storm! It may also be a good idea to remove nearby tree branches that could fall and weigh down the roof’s surface.

Wrap up your pipes

A broken or burst pipe can cause extensive property damage. Insulation sleeves are a simple, affordable option that can help you avoid a disaster and overall headache. If you are a Raleigh property manager, advise your tenants to leave the faucets dripping overnight when temperatures sink below freezing.

Need Raleigh property management help? Call Barker Realty

These winter property maintenance tips can help you stay warm and cozy when storms come. If you need any help or assistance, Barker Realty and our sister company, Barker Property Maintenance, are just a call away. Our professionally certified plumbers, electricians and general contractors are always available to assist your residential, commercial, or rental property needs.

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