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What to Look for in a Raleigh Investment Property

The Raleigh economy is booming! Thousands of people are moving to the city to enjoy the abundant job opportunities, excellent school systems, and unique attractions. The influx of people has made Raleigh real estate more in-demand than ever–meaning real estate investors can rehab homes quickly and sell them for a big profit. Properties can also be rented out, bringing in a monthly income while they appreciate. If you’re ready to get in on the action, here are some real estate tips that can help you find a Raleigh investment property.

Finding your Raleigh investment property 

When the price of Raleigh real estate bottomed out in 2012, it was easy to find homes. Now, in 2019, it’s much more challenging. Three ways real estate investors can get a reduced price on homes to include:

  • Buying homes in need of repairs
  • Paying in cash
  • Buying homes that aren’t listed

Another solid way to find investment homes is working with a real estate investment company. A property management firm like Barker Realty can help you find the best deals and options in the area.

If you can, pay with cash

It’s true that few people can afford to make a full cash offer on an investment property. However, if you can you should. Whether you are purchasing property to rent out or purchasing to renovate and flip, you are unlikely to see a great return in the first two years of your investment, and the monthly financial impact of the loan payments can be significant.

Qualifying for financing may also be difficult for some people. You will need to have good credit and will have to provide several years of tax returns and other financial evidence to demonstrate that you can afford the home. If you are purchasing the home to flip or rent, you’ll need at least 20% as a down payment, and you will need to provide your lender with a much deeper look into your personal financial history. In order to avoid borrowing too much, investigate all your options with your realtor and a financial advisor.

Finding quality tenants 

If you are purchasing a property with the intention of renting it out, consider whether you will have the time or the energy to find, vet, and manage your tenants. Many landlords find that finding respectful, quiet, financially responsible tenants is quite challenging and time-consuming. In some cases, using a property management company is the best solution, so you can continue to run other businesses or look for new investment opportunities. A property management company can manage the property’s daily tasks and maintenance for a small monthly feed.

Hire a Raleigh real estate investment company

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