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5 Useful Tips for Screening Prospective Property Renters

As leading Cary property managers Barker Realty screens prospective tenants carefully to filter out any renters who might cause problems for our clients. Over the years, in no particular order, we have identified many ways to properly screen tenants before a lease agreement is signed as outlined below in five examples.

1. Review Credit History

Prospective tenants who have a history of making their payments on time will likely be inclined to consistently pay rent on or before the due date. A low credit score may indicate a lack of responsibility and could signify other financial problems that will make it harder to pay rent on time. Anyone who wishes to rent a property should agree to a credit score check.

2. Search Through Social Media

A prospective tenant’s social media history can give clues on the type of renter that he or she would be. Searching for particular profiles on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn can give property managers the tenant screening help that they need to uncover important information.

3. Check Eviction History

It is also important for a rental property manager to investigate the eviction history of a person who wishes to rent. If any prior evictions were the result of rental nonpayment, property damage or the harassment of other tenants, it is best to choose a more reputable applicant.

4. Perform a Criminal Background Check

Most people’s criminal histories are available for public viewing by obtaining records from the local municipal court or through various online websites/software. Landlords can protect themselves by reviewing the arrest and conviction histories of any people who wish to rent from them. Some criminal history information may not lawfully be able to be used to make a final decision on whether or not to rent to a person, so it is important to check local and state laws in advance.

5. Check for References

An applicant’s personal and professional references should always be checked so that the rental property manager can learn more about the type of person he or she is. This includes calling current and past employers as well as friends and family members. If a prospective tenant is unable to provide references, it could be a sign of problems to come down the road.

As our rental property managers have experienced and continue to experience, thoroughly screening applicants in advance increases our chances of renting to the best tenants around. Contact us today for more information or to speak with one of our investment property managers in Cary.

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