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3 Simple Ways to Avoid Subletting Headaches

It is easy for people to get a short-term lease in the digital age. However, there are a number of risks that are associated with subletting an apartment or house. Property damage, liability issues and stealing furniture are some of the many risks associated with subletting, which our team at Barker Realty works hard to avoid for our rental property owners.

The law can vary from place to place. However, people who are caught subletting can expect to pay a hefty fine. For example, the fine in Miami, FL starts at $20,000. There may be additional fines if you live in certain communities. Contact Barker Realty to get more information about potential fines in and around Cary, NC if you’re considering subletting to see if your community or lease agreement allows this change in terms.

How to Prevent People From Subletting with a Lease Agreement

There are several things that our Cary property managers can do to prevent subletting. The lease is a document that is legally-blinding. Many people try to sublet because it is not forbidden in the contract, however, Barker Realty highly advises that every rental property lease contain one or all of the following clauses.

No Subletting or Assignments

Renters shall not sublet or assign the premises. All tenants have to fill out an application and be approved before moving in. Renters are responsible for paying rent and any damage for the remainder of the lease term.

Invitees or Guests

If guests or invitees cause damage to the property, then renters are responsible for paying for the damages. Guests are not allowed on the property longterm without having a property manager’s or landlord’s permission.

Our experienced Cary property managers help prevent subletting by making this a clause in the lease agreement allowing the right to evict tenants who violate this agreement. Furthermore, it is a good idea to require that every tenant has renters insurance.

Work with a Reputable Property Management Company

Hiring the right property manager is one of the keys to avoiding this nightmare. They will put the best terms in their agreement, so tenants know that subleasing is not allowed. They will be able to clearly explain the ramifications of breaching the agreement and can enforce an eviction policy. Additionally, they will do periodic checks in order to ensure that no one who is not on the lease is living inside of the home.

Get in touch with Barker Realty, a investment and rental property management company based in Cary, NC to talk about our services or have us represent your property to give you peace of mind.

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