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Our Raleigh Property Manager Explains How to Invest in Raleigh Real Estate

Owning property is a great investment, as it requires little daily effort once you’ve made the initial commitments. If you’re ready to break into the Raleigh real estate market, here are some real estate investment tips that will help you launch your investing career.

Remember that real estate property appreciates

Unlike some purchases, like cars, your real estate property investment will not necessarily depreciate after your purchase. In fact, some property owners find that the value of their investment far exceeds what they paid. For example, if you buy a single-family home or apartment building for a low price, manage it through a real estate management company, and sell it after it appreciates, you can get an excellent return on your investment with minimal trouble or hassle.

Don’t be afraid to start small

Perhaps you cannot currently afford to invest in a large apartment building–or you can, but are nervous about making such a big commitment. Not a problem! Even if you purchase a small house and rent out the property to tenants, you are still considered an investor. You can gain experience with your smaller purchase, and then work your way up to a bigger investment over time.

Work with a professional real estate manager

Rental property doesn’t come with the uncertainty that many investors suffer when putting their money into the stock market–but it does come with some risk. In order to ensure the best success possible, work closely with a real estate management company to understand the cost of maintaining a certain property; taxes and insurance requirements, and all the other details.

Build up a budget 

While real estate can yield substantial returns in the long run, you should expect a minimal return for the first two years. For that reason, you may want to consider paying for your property in cash, so that you do not accumulate interest or risk foreclosure. You can also, of course, take out a small loan, if you are confident that you can pay the mortgage without monthly rent coming in. Barker Realty’s experienced sales brokers can help you explore the best financing option for you.

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