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Technology is Transforming the Real Estate Game – Find Out How!

How is Technology Changing and Improving Real Estate?

When it came to investing, real estate was traditionally something of a game for people who had access to money and capital, making it difficult for people with a moderate income to be able to purchase property unless you spoke to the right people. You had to schedule visitations over the phone where you would talk with someone prior to walking into your prospective home with an actual tour guide. Through the use of property management software, managing real estate has become much easier and more accountable.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence have been catching a lot of attention recently and may be integrated as part of our touring program, and we’re confident our current clients and new tenants will see a lot of value in utilizing this new, innovative form of technology to help rental properties even faster.

Innovation on the Horizon

Some property management companies are making it part of its mission to give investors and prospects the access they need to ensure that the property they’re looking at is right for them. We mentioned earlier how technology has changed the game of real estate management. Gone are the days where there are numerous obstacles that prevent investors or prospects from seeking out the property that they want. With the use of artificial intelligence, they provide automation to real estate agents that was not readily available in years past. Robots conduct menial tasks that were originally tied to the agents themselves before they came into existence.

Virtual reality also makes it easier for people to do remote tours of a property to see if they’re interested in it or not. No longer having to step foot in a house or house(s) they’re not yet familiar with, properties can be pre-staged with virtual furniture so that prospects have an idea of what exactly they’re looking into. Investors are already taking advantage of this significant advancement as it makes it easier for them to make determinations as to whether they want to go all-in or not on the property.

Let’s Begin the Conversation for Your Investment Properties

In summary, we have discussed two fairly recent developments in the technology sector and how investors are using them to their advantage. As Barker Realty continues to improve ways of doing business and assisting are many clients and property investors, we are dedicated to making life easier for new homeowners and investors alike to meet their goals. Investing in technology is another way we help set ourselves apart. Who knows, we may be utilizing virtual reality and AI in the near future, too!

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but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4