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Our Raleigh Property Manager Lists The Top 10 Industries in Raleigh, Part 1

Raleigh’s thriving real estate boom and abundant career opportunities are drawing young professionals here from all over the country. But what are those jobs, exactly? To find out exactly what Raleigh employees are up to, we took a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s 2018 report, which analyzed 629,570 Raleigh occupations. Below are some of the top industries in the City of Oaks.

Construction and Extraction – 28,420

With so many houses and rental properties going up everywhere you look, it’s no wonder that construction is the 10th most common occupation in Raleigh. Anyone who works in construction and development will find steady business here—from roofing, to flooring, to real estate and beyond.

Management – 31,060 

Due to its centralized location and various other benefits, Raleigh is full of business opportunities, and is therefore host to plenty of advertisers, marketers, and managers. If you work in anything corporate or management-related, you’ll never find yourself without job options in Raleigh.

Computer & Mathematics – 35,840

With three major research universities within about an hour of each other, Raleigh is a major hub for science, research, and technology.  In fact, Raleigh is smack dab in the middle of an area referred to as the “Research Triangle.” Scientists, students, and researchers flock to this area from all over the world to develop innovations that change lives.

Transportation & Material Moving – 36,450

As we mentioned, one of the best things about Raleigh is its ideal centralized location. To put things in perspective, it takes about 6 hours to drive from Raleigh to Atlanta, and 4 hours to drive from here to Washington D.C.—meaning that whether you’re going North or South, you will probably pass through Raleigh. Similarly, if you’re going across the state from Wilmington to Asheville, or vice versa, you will be able to pass through Raleigh, too. To sum up, all this makes Raleigh a favorite site for transportation, shipping and handling companies who find us extremely convenient to their operations.

Education & Training – 38,010

If you know how many universities and schools are located in Raleigh, our huge quantity of educators isn’t a surprise. Raleigh’s NC State University alone holds 30,000 students; Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest University are a few miles away. Raleigh’s primary school system has been nationally recognized for its diversity and innovation, as well. All that means that if you’re an educator or administrator, you’ll have plenty of opportunity.

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