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How Raleigh Landlords Can Stay Calm and Focused During COVID-19

There’s no doubt that these are stressful times for everyone, especially landlords. With so much economic uncertainty, it can become easy to become overwhelmed by fears and anxieties. Before you do, though, take a moment to step back, breathe, and refocus. Recognize that your tenants are depending on you to provide some sense of leadership and direction, since you are the one in control of their home, and becoming overwhelmed is bad for them and you. Below are some stress management tips for landlords which can help you help you keep calm and carry on during this, and other, crises.

Manage Your Media Intake

While it’s good to stay informed about the latest developments surrounding the Coronavirus, being too informed does little good and a lot of harm. As terrible stories continue to emerge from Italy, New York, and other epicenters of the pandemic, you may find yourself submerged in misinformation and worst-case scenarios that paints a pretty black picture. Pay close attention to your emotions as you read the news, and step away if you start to feel overwhelmed. It may be necessary to stop consuming news entirely, or limit your consumption to a specific timeframe and duration each day (e.g., thirty minutes each evening).

Put Your Mind to Work

The mind is a very dangerous place to be during a time of crisis. Instead of sitting around and stewing in your thoughts, give your brain an assignment—any assignment. This can be as simple as completing a difficult crossword puzzle, or testing yourself on basic knowledge, like naming the capital of each U.S. state or the countries of Africa. It is very difficult—nigh impossible—for your brain to worry and solve problems simultaneously.

Make a Goal and Focus on Crushing It

If you find yourself out of work due to the pandemic, don’t fall into the trap of browsing the web and watching T.V. all day. Recognize that this is your chance, perhaps your only chance in a while, to tackle a big goal you never have time for, or take steps to come out even stronger once the crisis is over. If you have creative aspirations, try working on your novel, developing your body of work or learning a new craft or skill. If you have always dreamed of starting a side-business, put together a business plan, try your hand at building a website, research ideas for logos, and create social media pages. Always wanted muscular arms, or a six-pack of abs? Now’s your chance to make it happen!

Practice Grounding Exercises

Much has been written about mindfulness and breathing techniques when managing anxiety, but one less-popular technique, which is often much more effective, is that of mental grounding. When things get tough, simply take out a piece of paper and record all the physical details of your surroundings: the number of tiles in the floor or ceiling; everything you can see from your window; the precise color of each object in your line of vision. Since your brain cannot focus on the external world at the same time as your internal dialogue, this helps quell panicked emotions and reaffirm that, while some things feel out of control, everything around you is still here.

Stay Strong – And Come Out On Top

Aside from staying indoors and practicing social distancing, there is very little landlords can do to bring the Coronavirus pandemic to an end. What we can do is let our tenants know that we are here for them; that we will work with them as best as we can; and that we are taking steps to keep the property safe, sanitary, and secure. By being available, calm, and compassionate to our tenants’ needs, we stand to forge stronger, longer tenant relationships that will last long after this situation is past.

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