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10 Useful Safety Tips for Property Managers

Managers are some of the most critical team members in any company offering property management services. Just like any other company, safety and security of your team should always be top priority.

The roles assigned to managers, including showing properties and homes to strangers, is somewhat unsafe when you think about it, and property managers are expected to perform their duties as well as take precautions to minimize risks that come with the job.

Below are 10 safety tips that our property managers at Barker Realty follow before going into the field, which we’d like to share with you.

1. Gather Information about the Client

Collecting information before meeting any client is crucial. The info might reveal whether a client poses any threat or has any ill motive towards you or your company. Proper screening of clients can help you collect relevant client information.

2. Meet Clients at the Office

The first meeting with a client should always be at the company offices. You get first impressions and get to judge their character. Collecting information about a potential client including where they work and their current home address will be more comfortable in the office.

3. Be Cautious

Always leave valuables at homes or the workplace. Also, avoid giving too much personal information to your client.

4. Follow Company Financial Policy

Always let clients know the company financial policy. Rent and security deposits should be paid directly to the company’s bank accounts. Also, avoid handling too much cash in front of a client.

5. Be Assertive

If you feel uncomfortable around a client, excuse yourself. Get to a safe place and inform a trusted co-worker. In this business, it’s recommendable that you always trust your instincts.

6. Maintain a Good Relationship with Co-Workers

Always ensure you have someone on standby who knows your schedules for the day. A trusted colleague or your boss may prove very helpful. In case of you don’t return on time, they will know how to locate you.

7. Always Play Safe

Avoid going into basements, attics or closets. Open the door to a room, allow clients to go first as you follow them behind.

8. Let Clients Know Your Schedule

If you have other appointments, let your clients know that other people are expecting you. Show your client how important your job is to you in a friendly way.

9. Use Surveillance Equipment

Install CCTV cameras on your office premises. Cameras will be useful for facial recognition of clients who walk in out of the office premises. Surveillance adds protection the property by identifying threats fast.

10. Attend Training Seminars

Most companies that offer property management services have safety and work conduct seminars. Attend these workshops to improve your knowledge base.

If you have additional questions or looking for an excellent property management service provider, look no further. Request an appointment today with our Apex property managers full of experience and expertise, especially when it comes to remaining safe in the field.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests,

but also to the interests of others..."

Phil. 2:4