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What is considered a maintenance emergency and what is not?

The Following are considered EMERGENCY issues: No A/C when outdoor temperatures are above 85 degrees (unless there is medical documentation). No heat when outdoor temps are below 55 degrees. Mainline sewage backup. Major water leak (inc. roof leaks)/standing water. Break-ins: CONTACT POLICE FIRST Lockouts – There is a $50 fee (CASH or Check must be […]

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How do I avoid City violations or citations?

Some local governments have Nuisance Ordinances set up to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the neighborhood & the surroundings. Here is a list of the most common reasons that a property could be in violation of local ordinances: Vehicle(s) parked on the grass. Furniture, mattresses, appliances, cardboard boxes, or building materials, […]

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How to handle heat and air at properties with heat pumps?

[ASK YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER IF THIS APPLIES TO YOUR PROPERTY] A heat pump is a dual system for providing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. The air that comes out of your vents should be only a few degrees different from the interior temperature of your house. Therefore, it is best […]

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Who is responsible for replacing batteries in my smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors?

Residents are responsible for maintaining the batteries in both the smoke alarms and the carbon monoxide detectors. If you hear a chirping sound, please replace the batteries.

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How do I maximize the efficiency of my heating and air conditioning?

Change your air filters on a regular basis, typically every 30 days. If you have a digital thermostat, replace the batteries at least once a year. Try not to vary the desired temperature more than 2-3 degrees at a time. Large temperature swings place a heavy demand on the equipment and will increase your electrical […]

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What if I have a problem or issue that I feel like is not being resolved properly?

At Barker Realty, Inc. we want to work hard to resolve issues quickly when they arise. If you feel that something has not been handled well please contact the office to speak to our Broker-in-Charge, Cindy Minion, to see if she can help resolve the issue. Cindy can be reached at or 919-322-1181.

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How is trash handled at my property?

Some properties have a dumpster provided. Do not store trash in the common areas. If you have a large item that does not fit in the dumpster, please contact your property manager to discuss disposal options. Leaving large or bulky items next to the dumpster could lead to a citation and/or fines. Most properties within […]

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What do I do if I am locked out of my property?

During normal business hours, please come to the office with a photo ID. You will be loaned a key for a few hours to allow access to the property or to make a copy of the key. There is no charge for this serve. If our office is closed, please call 919-369-9169 to make arrangements. […]

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What can I do through my resident portal?

Pay Your Rent Online using E-check (FREE) or debit/credit card (fees apply). You can make a one-time payment or create recurring payments. Submit A Maintenance Request at anytime of the day or night. Your request will be sent directly to your property manager for review.  IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, DO NOT SEND AN ONLINE […]

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How do I access my tenant portal?

If you have not already received a link in your email, please contact your property manager by phone or email. Your property manager will send you a link to register. The email will come from Appfolio and it is titled “Barker Realty, Inc. – Pay Your Rent Online.” Click on the Link in the email. […]

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